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On the Tips Blog, we offer you football predictions for today, and for every other day, for free.😉

All betting tips made by us are based on statistics and odds, which means that we will never advise you to bet on a particular team just because we like it.

Football Betting | Betting Tips for Today

Here are the online betting tips for today that we have for you:

Betting Tips for Tomorrow

Now, we leave you with our tips for football betting happening tomorrow:

Tips for Betting Day After Tomorrow

Finally, here are the predictions for football matches happening the day after tomorrow, and the day after:

We remind you that, although our football guesses have a logical and not an emotional basis, as the other would say, “Prognostics only at the end of the game”, at least 100% accurate predictions.

Still, use the tips we have for you to, in moments of little inspiration, find interesting bets at the best legal bookmakers in Portugal.

Responsible Betting Tips

If you think that betting is just choosing a great team, like Real Madrid, and betting that they win, then it is likely that your hit rate is not very great, and that your profits are even more timid (or even non-existent).

To help you, we’ve made a list of some fundamental rules for those who want to play and/or bet responsibly:

  • Bet 1% of your bankroll at a time. That way, you’ll be able to keep your bankroll intact (or at least not blow it, even if you’re the target of a few bad luck).
  • Don’t run after the damage! Did you have bad luck? Okay, accept it. Don’t EVER try to make up for your losses with more bets. The probability of making a mistake when betting from the heart is very high, and normally, when we are experiencing a streak of bad luck, we tend to get more emotional.
  • Use money you don’t need. Needless to say, playing with money you can’t afford to lose is a bad idea. Use funds intended for entertainment and which you do not intend to recover.
  • Find out about the Rules and Characteristics of the Bonuses you are looking to accept. Worse than not receiving any bonus at all, is accepting bonuses with conditions close to impossible to fulfill.
  • Record your bets and results. “Dear diary, today I bet €5 and lost”.
  • Registering your bets will help you to understand, in addition to the money you spend daily, what is the real return you get from it. This will give you perspective on the impact the game has on your life, be it positive or negative.
  • Don’t make bets your Great Love! If betting and gambling are fun hobbies? Yes sir. But they shouldn’t be your only source of distraction. If so, you probably have a serious problem on your hands.
  • Bettors just wanna have fu-un! The most important thing in the midst of all this is to remember that bets are only worth making when they are a source of fun. Once you stop having fun, it’s time to stop.

Why is Blog Odds Trustworthy?

So it’s all very nice, but how do you know whether or not you can trust what we’re telling you here on the Odds Blog? It’s simple:

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Additionally, we are as passionate about betting and casinos as you are, and we are super used to writing reviews and reviews, as well as answering questions about platforms, bonuses, betting and/or casino games.

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